Compact Palettes For Day to Day Looks


Now don’t get me wrong I love large eyeshadow palettes but there are so many occasions where they just get in the way. When I wake up at 6am and don’t want to spend ages trying to choose out of the 12-20 shades (yup I’m pretty indecisive!). And of course for the most obvious reason, travel!

These are the palettes I have for quick and travel friendly makeup. As you can tell (and may already know from reading my blog) I am a sucker for warm toned; sometimes full on orange; eyeshadows. I just love em! ❤ 😀

The first three have their own posts on here already; Charlotte Tilbury’s Dolce Vita, Guerlain Les Favues and Bare Minerals The Epiphany; so go have a read of those for swatches, opinions and what not!


So a while ago I purchased the Dior Overcurl mascara in a set and this mini palette came with it. It’s in the shade Montaigne and a really handy palette to have. The formula is good, I like that they’re not overly pigmented since it makes them very easy to apply and blend. I know that sounds illogical but it does actually help!

I use the brown shade for my brows every single day, the highlight shade on my brow bone because it’s brightening but not “in your face glowy” and I tend to blend the other three shades together into my crease for subtle definition before using other more shimmery shadows.

It’s a good staple palette to have and since it’s so tiny I’m going to hit pan fast, it might be worth a full size purchase in the future!


I’ve had the MAC shadows stored in other palettes for a while but since they are my favourites I decided to get a dedicated MAC quad to pop them into. In here we have (from left to right) Satin Taupe, Twinks, Antiqued and Cranberry.

My favourite of these is Antiqued, a dark warm copper shade that makes blue eyes really stand out and if you haven’t tried out Cranberry you should definitely give it a go, it looks scary but trust me it’s beautiful!

What do you guys use for more simple easy makeup days?




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