Home Scents from the Body Shop


I seem to have a recent obsession with The Body Shop don’t I! With the remnants of a voucher I was given I decided to get some yummy scents for my flat. The room spray in Manderin and Tangelo (only £7!) smells absolutely delicious.

It has a similar vibe to my new favourite perfume Aqua Di Parma Arancia Di Capri and it smells like summer to me. It’s refereshing and citrusy but also subtly sweet. I much prefer these kind of scents for spring summer and it makes me feel happy whenever I spray it!

Since I loved the Manderin and Tangelo scent so much I grabbed it in candle form too (£10). I find that it’s quite rare to find candles that actually give off a strong scent when they burn and this one does that. It’s quite a small candle so I’m trying to prolong it’s use as long as I can.


I also picked up a couple of fragrance oils (£4 each) for the white oil burner I have from Yankee. The oil scents I chose are more classic but equally as lovely. I find Lavender so calming and relaxing that I burn it before bed to try and chill out.

Have you tried Body Shops scents?




  1. I’ve never tried their home products, but I admit, I’ve been tempted more than once. Sandal wood and ginger should be so good to smell in the house!


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