Hello Bobbi Brown!

IMG_9207edit2I was luckily given some money for my birthday and I chose to of course spend a fair amount of it on makeup it’s the only logical thing to do! These two are my first purchases from Bobbi Brown and I am more than happy with them both…

IMG_9205editIMG_9208edit2I walked into House of Fraser, headed straight towards Bobbi Brown and asked for the Sheer Powder Brush which I have wanted for a while after hearing Viviana and Lily Pebbles mention it all the time. It is a very soft, fluffy and flexible brush that you could use for blending any powder products onto the skin.

I love using this for blush because it let’s you build up the colour intensity slowly but I’ve also used it for bronzer and it’s great for both. It is on the higher end of brush prices at £30 but since it is such good quality it should last forever with good care. It’s just so darn soft and I’m thinking about trying out more of Bobbi Brown’s brushes now!

IMG_9209editI also purchased their Shimmer Brick in Beige (there was a deal for £10 off a shimmer brick with any other purchase so it had to happen!). I played with some of the other shades and I preferred this one because it’s so neutral and it would go with any look.

The other shades; Pink Quartz, Bronze Quartz etc; were just as beautiful but a little too pigmented in shade for my liking and I find this to be more of a universal ‘goes with everything’ kind of highlighter.

IMG_9219edit2 IMG_9228edit3

The texture of this powder is a little drier than others I own (like the Mary-Lou-Manizer for instance) but because of the shimmer in the powder it’s probably a good thing.

Using the Sigma F35 I lightly dust this on the cheekbones, cupids bow and tip of the nose for a subtle but shimmery glow. I also like to bring it a little onto the apple of the cheek since I feel like that just works with my face shape.

I would actually consider this more subtle than the Mary-Lou-Manizer which is uber intense with a tiny tiny amount of it. It just means that the shimmer brick is more wearable for everyday and it’s not as easy to over do it and look crazy shiny. I hope you can tell by the swatch above it just adds a lovely glow!

Can you recommend any other Bobbi Brown products I should try out? Let me know down below 😀





  1. Very smart choice! I would have invested on Bobbi Brown as well. Their highlighter rocks and also brushes: the full coverage face brush is soooo soft and lovely! Have you checked their new shimmering bricks? I’d really love to have one. Enjoy your goodies! 😀


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