Body Shop 3 For 2


The Body Shop was calling my name out again when I ran out of the Camomile Cleansing Oil i.e my life saviour. It’s so easy and quick to remove all my makeup without using up a ton of cotton pads in the process and it’s well worth the £10 price tag. I have a comparison post on this and the Nude Oil Cleanser if you are finding it hard to choose between a budget/luxury cleanser, see it here.IMG_9024

A new purchase is the Aloe Protective Serum. I’ve not been using a serum for quite a while, since my favourite one is ridiculously expensive and I’m waiting for it to be on offer! I decided to give this a go since my skin is overly sensitive and prone to redness I thought the Aloe would calm it all down a bit.

It does do that, it also had a slightly cooling feeling, but I also found that if I rub the serum up too close to my eyes the fumes of it (yeh that makes zero sense because it barely has a smell at all) sting my eyes like mad! So I’ve adjusted to using this only around my nose, on my forehead and my chin to make sure it isn’t anywhere near my eye balls.


I also purchased the Colour Crush lipstick in 110 Coral Blush, a pinky coral that adds a subtle pop of colour whilst adding some moisture too. I consider this a multi purpose lip product, you can dap it on for a sheer lip balm like tint or swipe and swipe for a full on lip. See swatches below..


The main thing that is great about The Body Shop is the deals they consistently have in store and online so it’s definitely worth trying some products out!




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