An Excessively Large Makeup Geek Order

Hello!!!! Yep I know I’ve been away for a ridiculous amount of time, I really don’t want to make loads of lame excuses and since I’m now officially back into blogging let’s just pretend it didn’t happen, haha! Cool?…coool 😀

So I wanted to share with you guys a recent purchase of mine and it’s a large (like seriously large) order from Makeup Geek. I’ve been wanting to try out their products since forever and only didn’t because I was afraid of getting charged crazy import taxes which to my surprise actually didn’t happen at all. One day I just thought “screw it, that’s enough waiting for me!” and ordered all the shadows and blushes I wanted to try! Life’s too short, am I right?

Left hand side plus lower two blushers in my Z palette are by makeup geek! The rest consists of MAC, UD, Too Faced and The Mary Lou-Manizer by The Balm.

Like I said I went crazy, my colleagues at work thought I was mad receiving this amount of eyeshadows at once. Not everyone is as obsessed as us beauty fanatics are! All in all I bought 16 eyeshadows and two blushes (should of gotten more blushes darn it) and I am beyond happy with them all.

My list includes 2 matte blushes – Smitten and Summer Fling.

7 matte shadows – Chickadee, Crème Brulee, Peach Smoothie, Frappe, Cocoa Bear, Bitten, Beaches and Cream and Mango Tango

5 shimmery/satin shadows – Goddess, Cosmopolitan, Shimma Shimma, Glamourous and County Girl.

AND 3 of their new foiled shadows – Flame Thrower/perfection, In The Spotlight and Grandstand. I’ve excitedly placed them in my extra large Z Palette along with some other favourites by MAC, UD, Too Faced and The Balm.

I’m going to start of with the most exciting ones and that would clearly be the foiled shadows. These are seriously amazing, so buttery, so pigmented and they look really intense with minimal effort. The shade Flame Thrower was bound to be my favourite since it’s an intense warm copper and it’s just perfect. I hope the swatches do these justice to be honest. I just ❤ them!!


From left to right: In The Spotlight, Flame Thrower and Grandstand

The two blushes I purchased are indeed warm toned since that’s clearly my obsession and they are great. Smitten is a great natural looking, everyday blush that would work well with a full on smokey eye. At first used the shade Summer Fling on the wrong blush and because these are crazy pigmented I looked a bit cray. Let’s just say you barely need to touch them with your brush to get the pay off you’d like. Essentially this means they will last forever and a day and for the price as well I’m pretty impressed.


From left to right: Summer Fling and Smitten (heavily swatched)

You may of noticed if you’ve read my blog that I’m a huge Urban Decay fan and since their matte shadows are the best I’ve tried I was quite impressed to see that these are just at great as UD and considerably more affordable (UD individual shadows are quite pricey in my opinion). For the mattes I got mostly the basics, several crease blending and defining shades but also a couple of more unique shades in Bitten and especially Chickadee! Chickadee is the bomb, don’t be scared of it’s orangeyness, with warm toned shades on the lid and this blended in the crease your eyes will seriously pop.


From left to right: Bitten, Mango Tango, Cocoa Bear, Frappe, Creme Brulee, Peach Smoothie, Beaches and Cream and Chickadee

Now for the more shimmery/satin shades. Cosmopolitan is gorgeous, Shimma Shimma is a great highlighting shade and Goddess and Country Girl would be great for intense smokey eyes. I’ll stop here since this post is getting crazy long but I’m sure you get the jist!


From left to right: Shimma Shimma, Glamourous, Cosmpolitan, Goddess and Country Girl.

All in all you could say I’m officially converted to a full blown Makeup Geek fanatic, my sister wants some now because they are so great and I will probably end up buying the whole lot eventually. Now I just need several more Z Palettes…




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