Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette|Review


When the Vice 3 Palette finally came to my front door I could not contain my excitement. I’ve been waiting for this beauty to come out for what feels like a life time! Ok I’m being a bit dramatic but look at it, I mean seriously it’s perfect!

When you compare the Vice 3 to the other Vice palettes you’ll notice that the 3 is much more wearable, featuring two rows of nudes (including mattes) and not too many intensely bright shades this could be the only palette you really need. I own the naked 1 and 3 palettes and they are great for everyday but having more unique shades amongst the nudes in one palette just makes more sense to me.

All the shades are buttery soft, easy to blend (especially with the matte blending shades in the left hand row) and are of course really pigmented, as you’d expect from Urban Decay. If you think that £42 is a lot for an eyeshadow palette, compare this even to the naked palettes that have just 12 shades for £37 when this palette includes 20 shades for only £5 more it was an easy purchase for me.

As you may of noticed I have blue eyes and so the shades such as Sonic and Lucky really make them pop and although I’m generally scared of bright shades like Dragon, Alchemy and Freeze I have been pleasantly surprised that they do suit me. I think with the brighter shades it’s all about there placement and how you blend the whole look together and if you’re stuck Youtube tutorials are generally very helpful!

What I especially love is that there is a decent highlight shade which a lot of palettes seem to miss out and Bobby Dazzle popped on the inner corner in my opinion just makes a look. You also have a few good blending shades, especially downfall which is like a lighter version of buck, my 2nd favourite shade from the naked 3. There’s also a dark brown, a grey and a black which are great for lining the upper lash line.


This palette has a few bonus features that I think make it even more worth the price tag. Firstly it comes in a good sized bag that you can store it in to protect it or you could use it as your makeup bag, a nice makeup bag at that. It also has a massive and very decent mirror, it’s super slim for a big palette and comes with a well made double ended brush (with a blending/crease end which makes a lot of sense) so it would be great for travelling with too.

Since I’m raving about it so much I guess it’s safe to say that I am in totally love with this palette! I have been wearing it non stop for a week and as the options reallyare endless with these shades I don’t think I’ll be putting it down for a while. For more swatches of this palette I suggest having a read of Temptalia’s review.

With my order I added a free travel size bottle of the All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray and I’ve been trying this out too. I think it does a great job of setting your makeup in place but it’s a little drying on me for this time of year. I do however think that it would be very handy come next summer when I’m crazy oily again. Yes I am wishing away winter already…It’s blumin cold!

What do you guys think of this palette? 




  1. It looks very complete with hot and cold shades: neutrals, colorful, matte and shimmery, as well as light and dark tones. I spotted it out as well and I think it’s really worth the price!


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