The Perfect Contour Brush by Everyday Minerals|Budget Buy


This Itahake Brush by Everyday Minerals is one that bloggers and youtuber’s have compared to the Nars Itahake brush, although their reviews state that the Nars brush is less dense and has shorter bristles. I thought that the much cheaper option by Everyday Minerals seemed like a good way to go; £14 instead of £45 makes a lot more sense to me and my bank account!

As you can see it has a slim, flat handle which is the perfect length to fit happily in your hand. The bristles themselves are synthetic so I thought this brush had more uses than it’s expensive natural haired Nars counterpart. I’m thinking of using this for cream bronzer and contour as well as powders.

I have tried this out with a couple of my contour powders and because it is a little denser I suggest being a little bit more gentle on pick up otherwise you will get a stripe that’ll take some time to blend out. But as long as you use a light hand this brush blends out a contour really nicely. I use the brush at the same angle as my cheekbone and then switch the brush round sideways to blend out the edges. It’s really quick and only a adds a minute or so to your daily makeup routine.


I thought I would compare the Itahake to the mini benefit brush I’ve been using recently that I got with the Cheeky Blush Palette. Obviously the handle is tiny on the benefit but as far as thickness goes on the tip of the brush they are pretty similar. The main difference is the width and density with the benefit brush being much more fluffy in application and also possibly a little more time consuming for contouring the rest of the face just because of the width of it.


The one thing I would say when contouring is to choose the right shade for your skin tone or preference. I am reasonably pale but my undertone is very much warm/yellow so I can get a away with a much warmer contour. When I am super pale, as in christmas time pale, I tend to reach for the Hollow pigment by Illamasqua since it is cooler but I do still tend to bronze up my face a little to match it up to my neck and body. You can probably tell from the image below that the Sleek contour kit is not ”light” at all so I leave that for when I am most tanned in the summer.


Here are swatches of some of the products I use to contour from left to right:

  • Benefit’s Hoola|A slightly shimmery warm brown that is super easy to blend out.
  • Sleek Contour Kit in Light|Which is matte and actually the darkest I own, as I said it’s great for summer.
  • Body Shop Honey Bronzer in shade 03|I generally use this as my all over bronzer to warm up the face.
  • Sigma Mellow|A recent purchase of mine I find this to be a good contour shade since it sits in between a warm and a cool toned blush and it can be used for both purposes.
  • Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow|I may of had this for a little two long (not to self buy a new one) but it’s great for very pale skin!

I also use Nars Laguna sometimes which I forgot to add to these swatches; but mainly in the summer or as my bronzer since it is pretty dark. I’m thinking of giving cream bronzers a try with this so if you know of any inexpensive one’s, I’d love to hear suggestions 🙂

I’m always interested in what other products people use to contour so do let me know down below! (and yeh I know I’m rhyming, sign of the crazies, what can you do)







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  1. I sometimes use the boujois chocolate bronzer! Really nice colour and not too dark for pale skin and comes at a really affordable price too! I’ve been looking for a nars alternative so thanks!! X


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