Getting Cheeky With Benefit’s Cheeky Sweet Spot Box O’ Blushes



The only product I had previously tried from Benefit was the They’re Real mascara so when I started reading some reviews about the Cheeky Sweet Spot Box O’ Blushes Palette a while ago I decided it would be a great way to try out some of their powder’s. I purchased mine a few weeks ago from Feel Unique using a discount code that I had but considering you get six powders, a highlighter and a little brush I’d say the full price of £29.50 is a bargain!

This palette is from Benefit’s Christmas Sweet Shoppe collection for this year and as you can see the packaging is really cute as is the rest from the line. I should say that the case is tin, so if your not a fan of the usual cardboard packaging from Benefit you might like to give this a go instead. I was originally thinking of de-potting the powders since cheesy packaging has never really been my kind of thing but I actually think it livens up my very plain looking white dressing table.


As you can see, since they are named, inside you get the matte Hoola bronzer (which I have I’ve found to be a great contour shade), 5 of their blushers including Dandelion, Bellabamba, Sugarbomb, Coralista and Rockateur and a little mini brush that you can use with the powders. For a few weeks I have actually been using the tiny tiny (yeh it’s seriously tiny) little brush for a precise cheekbone contour with Hoola and loving it. Although I have more recently purchased a larger contour brush (there will be a post on that soon) I think this is a great brush to keep in this set for travelling since you then have everything you need for your face!

I knew that my favourite of the blushers would be Coralista, which funnily enough it is; but I do love them all. The only shade I find a little iffy is Sugarbomb as it takes a lot of building up to get it to properly show up on my skin. Maybe the formula of it got a little messed with when adding it to this palette, although I can’t really say since I don’t have a comparison. The pigmentation of all the other shades is perfect and they all blend really well on the skin.

rsz_img_8698 rsz_1img_8699 rsz_img_8700

There is also a trial size of the really lovely Watt’s Up which is a natural looking cream higlighter that gives a lovely healthy glow to the skin without looking too shiny or oily. Overall I think this is a great palette to have not just to try out some more benefit products but it would also be pretty handy for travelling too! If you’d like to see some swatches on this palette Temptalia has a full review, her’s are always the best swatches out there.

What’s your favourite Benefit Box O’Powder?





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