The Mini Melissa Bag

Yesterday after work I decided to have a look round for a new bag, since I’m really lacking choices in the bag department right now (I now have two that I actually use regularly) I went in pretty much every shop since I’m extremely indecisive when it comes to bags, stopping in at Zara first since their bags look generally pretty stylish and chic.



Eventually with Zara and others seeming to lack a medium sized structured bag of a reasonable price (Giant leather totes seem to be the rage right now?!) I ended up in Accessorize, Not somewhere I usually window shop but I’m glad I did since I found this lovely medium sized structured bag named the Mini Melissa Handheld Bag. At only £29 and considering the quality of it I think that’s a pretty good bargain when you compare it £40-60 elsewhere for similar styles.

This bag comes in three shades this light blue, a black and a dark teal colour (which I might have to get as well tbh!) This bag also comes in a larger size, same shape and detailing just bigger which is great for people that like to carry more with them.

I’m really happy with this bag so far, I think it looks far more expensive than it actually is which is always a good thing!




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