The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil vs Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil

I recently ran out of the Nude Cleansing Oil and whilst I found it did a great job at removing makeup I didn’t fancy shelling out another £28 on it before trying out some other cleansers first.


I settled on the Body Shop Cleansing Oil which is only £10, a much better price for my current budget. I always use an oil cleanser as my first cleanse to remove my makeup, since it gets rid of waterproof mascara/eyeliner so much easier and with less rubbing of the delicate under eye area. Both of these do exactly that and neither of them sting my usually over sensitive eyes.

The body shop oil whilst a little less watery and more oil based than the nude cleanse off oil mixes up to more of a lather when you add water to your skin. I like this because it’s easier to remove any residue along with a face cloth for a little exfoliation although I always double cleanse using a cream cleanser after just to make sure my skin is super cleansed and free of makeup.

The pump of the body shop version is a bit ott, by that I mean when you push it down it tends to go much further than your hand that is underneath it, it’s something to be aware of if you don’t want to waste product. 

With the Body Shop version I think you get slightly more product for your money, so it should in theory last a little longer, but if your skincare budget stretches a little further then I’d go for the Nude cleanser.

Have you guys tried these cleansers?




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