The Extra Large Z Palette

I thought I’d share with you guys what’s in my Z Palette. I purchased the z palette a while ago as I was sick of the inconvenient packaging of the Mac Duo Palette. I wanted something more slimline, practical and above all safe for my products; since the mac palette just didn’t hold the shadows in very well hence the massive cracks in some of my shadows!

z palette

The first palette’s I depotted were the Urban Decay Naked Palette and the original Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette, the cardboard packaging just drives me mad and takes up more room than necessary. They were pretty easy to de-pot since you could tear the cardboard apart to get the pans out but there’s loads of video’s online to help you out if you get stuck. If you don’t own a naked palette, get on that already ūüėõ

The MUA shadows are really good quality for the price (only ¬£1 each) and the shade 12 is exactly the same as MAC’s club! They are also huge so will last for ever. I also have the palette by Soap and Glory which includes three mattes and a satin finish shadow. Lately I’ve been using the matte brown shade from this palette in my brows since it is not red toned and it fills in my pretty much black brows without leaving them looking totally OTT.

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer got depotted when the packaging got broken a few months¬†ago which was a tad annoying at the time but now I’m quite happy to have this placed in here¬†beside¬†my eyeshadows. I use it¬†for¬†highlighting the inner corners of the eyes, brow bone and sometimes¬†all over the lid as a subtle sheen as well as on the cheekbones etc and now I actually use it¬†a lot more since it is right next to my shadows.z paletteI have 4 MAC eyeshadows at the moment which¬†I guess in time these will probably expand into there own palette. I love Antiqued, it’s possibly my most favorite eyeshadow ever and it’s great for making¬†blue eyes really stand out. Swiss Chocolate is a great blend out the edges type of shade but is also nice all over the lid for a matte brown look along with Twinks in the outer v. I tend to use Satin Taupe¬†on the rare occasion I want a cool toned eye look.

Lastly I am very happy with the Z palette in general, it came with loads of magnets for me to stick to the pan’s and they have not fallen out once so I am comfortable they would be secure enough for travelling. I like that you can bend the front back (like in the photo)¬†so¬†it’s less bulky and easier to use, it’s more like an artists palette than other’s I own. I brought mine from Love Makeup but you can also buy it from amazon for ¬£23, magnets included. It’s a great way to save space on your beauty table!

Have you guys depotted any of your shadows?


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    • Well I used a little heat from my straighteners to soften the glue and then used a knife/tweezers to pry it out of the packaging. I had to depot it because the mirror smashed! ūüėü


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