Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs Long-Lasting Eyeshadow Palette Les Fauves|Review

I’m going to start this post off by saying that I love the packaging, it feels so expensive with a gold mirror like finish and a heavy weight to it, a magnetic closer and also nice big mirror it is the epitome of luxury packaging. It even has a pouch with it to keep it safe, scratch and smudge free. The double ended sponge would I’m sure be handy if you forgot your brushes but they are not something I would use at all.

IMG_8463 IMG_8462IMG_8391

The four swatches from the left inwards are the shades from this palette swatched.

The powders themselves are lovely, very pigmented, smooth and not at all powdery, ok maybe the bright coral shade is it a little dry but I let that slide because it’s still gorgeously pigmented and has a great colour pay off. The shades look slightly shimmery swatched but on the lid it translates as more of a light sheen which I love. It’s easy to over blend these as they are so soft so I try to pat on the shades with a flat brush and just blend round the edges with a fluffy brush (i.e MAC 217) I have used this palette with and without primers to get the same result at the end of the day, they stay well and don’t fade or crease on me.

Although the coral shade is quite bright this is still a very everyday appropriate (if your a fan of warm tones) palette and if you just use it as a subtle pop; as I have below;  it’s not too in your face. However I have tried this all over the lid and it does look pretty awesome especially with the lighter shade (far right of the palette) layered over the top for a bit of a sheen.

IMG_8436 IMG_8435

For the look above I used the far right shade in the palette all over the lid, the far left shade in the crease and the other two combined on the lower lash line.

The only issue I have with this palette is that there is no highlight shade and since I’m a fan of an inner corner highlight to make me look more awake I use my usual highlighter along with this which is not too much hassle to be honest and I still love this palette A LOT! If you like the look of Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs Long-Lasting Eyeshadow Palette Les Fauves I’d snap it up quick since last time I checked there was only 1 left in the sale price (a massive saving from £35 to £19.50!)

Is this a palette that would interest you guys?


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  1. Such rich hot tones look wonderful on green eyes.
    Thanks for this very detailed review.
    I love Guerlain’s collections: though very expensive, they can be that precious something everyone needs to feel fabulous. Have you ever tried their jeweled lipsticks for instance? They’re amazing!


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