Urban Decay’s Perversion Mascara and Subversion Primer|Review

I’ve been using the Perversion Mascara and Subversion Primer everyday on my lashes for a good few weeks now with mixed results, I think it’s my nearest perfect mascara yet…

IMG_8116 IMG_8112 IMG_8111

One the one hand it provides long thick lashes; the primer really helps with this too; but on the other hand it can create too much of a clumpy lash look if you apply with the usual wiggling motion. The brush as I hope you can see in the photo above comes out of the tube fully loaded up with product so you need to be a more careful and a little less generous when applying.

This is something I got over very quickly and even though with the primer being an added step I actually find this quicker and easier to apply than any other mascara I’ve tried. It’s literally swipe the brush all over your lashes and go, which makes a change from others I’ve used lately such as benefit’s they’re real which takes a lot of wiggling to get my lashes how I like them.

The only real negative with this product is that it is in no way waterproof, something it never promised to offer but if it did it would be perfect for me. I find that because it isn’t waterproof my overly straight lashes flop pretty much straight back down with the weight of the product. However if you have lashes that stay curled of their own accord (you lucky thing you) you will no doubt be very happy with this mascara. I also get a little smudging on my lower lashes from time to time depending on the heat in the day etc.

IMG_8114IMG_8415 IMG_8414

Left of the above images are me wearing the lash primer and the mascara and on the right are my lashes with nothing on them.

As you can from the images above my lashes are quite light on the ends so as this a very black mascara it coats them all the way to the tip so they look nice and long!

The real reason I wanted to try out this mascara was to give a lash primer a go since I’d never tried one before. From what I can tell this primer thickens up the lashes and sort of softens them ready for the mascara so it does it’s intended job well and I’d say that it does improve application of the mascara. It just goes on very smoothly with the primer underneath. Will I rush out to buy a full sized one when the mini runs out I’m not so sure, but I have satisfied my curiosity about lash primers for the time being.

Have you guys tried out this mascara?, What do you think of it?


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  1. Dior show iconic overcurl is amazing at holding a curl. This is my top mascara atm. There is a waterproof version as well. Ask for a sample or ask the beautician to trail it in store. it is amazing.
    Lovely review- I’ve never tried a primer before. hmm… I don’t know if it’s worth it

    Hope xx


    • From my experience the primer makes your lashes look thicker but does weigh them down a tad. I think if you have naturally curley lashes a primer would benefit you more. Thanks, I shall give that one a go. Atm I’m using a maybelline mascara and it stings my eyes and crumbles, its beyond annoying lol! 😔 xx


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