L’oreal Colour Riche L’0mbre Pure Mono Eyeshadow|Review

A while ago I picked up the L’oreal Colour Riche L’0mbre Pure Mono Eyeshadow‘s in the shades 200 Over The Taupe, 201 Cafe Saint Germain and 206 Little Beige Dress from Boots and I have been trying them out ever since. My verdict is to be honest not that fab on these..

IMG_8045 IMG_8049

From left to right|200 Over The Taupe, 206 Little Beige Dress and 201 Cafe Saint Germain

On first swatch these feel so smooth they lean to more of a pressed pigment texture than a powder eyeshadow, which at first sounds great right? Well that’s what I thought but within a couple of hours in the sunshine these creased on me like crazy. In the swatches below you can see that they have a since sheen to them, they are not sparkly at all on the lid just kind of glowy.

Because they initially look so nice on the skin I’ve since tried them with a primer underneath, with eyeshadow on top to set it and even both together but with all that faff I unfortunately encountered the same creasy/kinda greasy look on my eyelids within no time. It’s probably just me, I dunno but either way it’s not quite so pretty.  I also find them kind of hard to pick up with the usual brushes I use and so I skipped them all together, fingers are easier to blend these out with in my opinion.


200 Over The Taupe


206 Little Beige Dress


201 Cafe Saint Germain

IMG_8092 IMG_8093From left to right|200 Over The Taupe, 206 Little Beige Dress and 201 Cafe Saint Germain

However when my sister tried them out; who conveniently has much less oily eyelid than I; sans primers and setting with shadows she loved them! I will probably be keeping the cream shade as a brow/inner corner highlight since for that purpose it works fine and sadly passing on the other two to my sis which I’m sure she’ll be happy about 🙂 I just keep seeing them in my drawer and feeling angry at them haha!

Have any of you guys tried out these shadows?



P.S Sorry for the lack of posts of late, I will try and get back to some kind of schedule asap. Oh and btw thank you to all the new followers recently, it’s so nice to go over the 200 subs mark 🙂 I hope you guys like my posts to come…*hint hint next post coming up is a haul/recent purchases! I’m also on Bloglovin, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and it would be fab if you followed me there too!



  1. Hello lady! Yes, I’ve tried these eye shadows and I bought the shade #201 as well, plus a light aqua blue which I love. They’re very shimmery and I prefer to pick them up with the fingertips, as I noticed the brush creates a much weaker and kind of ‘washed out’ effect. I also think the fair shades are a little better than the darker ones, but up until now I can’t report any oily or greasy feeling on the eyelids. Maybe it depends on how we create the base for the make up (moisturizer + foundation??) Anyway, they’re very very convenient, in comparison to other super-brands 😉 cheers

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