4 Multi Purpose Brushes

Over a long time of using makeup brushes I have, of course found multiple uses for each of them. Today I thought I’d share my uses for each of them. These are the ones that I use most and are the more affordable of the bunch.


1. E.L.F ‘s Studio Cheek Brush (£3.95) A semi dense tapered ended brush with enough flexibility for blending out product. It’s lasting very well for over 2 years considering it costs under a fiver.

Great For – applying and blending out powder blush, patting on powder, for soft blended out face highlighter (main use) and semi precise contouring.


2. Ecotools Deluxe Fan Brush (£5.93 @ Nature’s Vale) A very large and dense fan shaped brush with some flexibility. It is also incredibly soft. I have owned and used this brush daily for over 6 months. I love it!

Great For – Face highlighter (main use), a light dusting of powder in the t-zone, for a very light application of pigmented blushes and a soft bronze/contour.


3. E.L.F Studio Stipple Brush (£3.95) A flexible brush head that’s not very dense and has lots of flexibility. It has been lasting well with on and off use for 2 years and is super quick to wash and dry.

Great For – Light dusting of powder all over, blending out a bb cream or a sheer more watery foundation and for a light application of very pigmented blushes (main use).IMG_7910

4. Real Techniques Setting Brush (£6.99 @ Look Fantastic) Semi dense small tapered brush with some flexibility, enough to lightly blend out a contour. It’s not that soft so I tend not to use this under the eyes as many people do. I have used a lot for over one year and it’s lasting well.

Great For – Precise contouring and highlight (main use), blending out concealer and setting trouble zones (blemishes & under eye area) with powder.IMG_7911

What are your favourite multi-tasking brushes? 


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