Paddle Brush VS Tangle Teezer

tangle teezer vs paddle brush

I’ve had this large paddle brush since I can remember and it did it’s job but of course I got sucked into the Tangle Teezer (£7.80 @ Beauty Bay) hype a few years back and abandoned it somewhere in my wardrobe. I went looking for it the other week because I found that my beloved orange tangle teezer was just not working that fab anymore. I’ve no idea why but it felt like it was at points just pulling hair out instead of sorting out the knots. I couldn’t use it for anything else either so I still had to use other brushes for drying/styling my hair which to me is a hassle.

The great thing about a normal flat brush is if you have mid length to long hair you can use them to smooth out the frizz when your drying it and also for if you want to dry it straight and under at the ends. It also detangles my hair without hurting it since my actualy hair is quite fine I just have a lot of it. It has multi uses whereas the tangle teezer can only be used for de-knotting which it doesn’t seem to do that well anymore anyway. This Denman Paddle Brush (£9.50 @ HQHair) just does a lot more than the teezer and that’s why it is my favourite out of the two!

What’s your favourite hair brushing tool?


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  1. I’m with you, I use the paddle brush. Though I have a TT for my 2 year old daughter, it never occurred to me to use it on myself! I use a super large boars hair round brush to blowout my hair when its wet.

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  2. Hey Claudia I am with you on this! The TT pulls out way too much hair than any other comb or brush right now! Its painless but still a lot of hair fall! I am not sure if I should give up on it yet!

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