A Forgotten Goodie|Laura Mercier Silk Creme

Other than using the Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation in a few looks I’ve shared on here I have barely touched it. This was for several reasons – 1. I found it quite thick and hard to blend on my then drier winter skin, 2. I found that it caked up and looked heavy often and 3. I expected it to be less matte and more glowy. So I casually (baring in mind this a pricey base at £34) went back to using my cheaper foundations from the drugstore.


Now since my beloved Bourjois Healthy Mix is nearly empty I figured it was about time i gave this foundation a proper go!
On my current summer skin which is more oily than before it works fab, it glides on really smoothly (even with a brush) and gives the effect I initially it expected to, a healthy glow.

It can actually veer on shiny at the moment so I make sure to have powder with me when I go out, otherwise I get a major oily forehead up in here :/ I currently have the shade Cream Ivory which is a little off my current tan but I can fix it with bronzer, I’d rather have it too light than too dark cos you can’t fix that!

I’ve recently found that this foundation works pretty well with the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (£3.99 @ Escentual’s current sale) blended over freshly moisturised skin. This just makes it sit less heavy on the skin and glides over any dry patches nicely.

Overall I’d say that this foundation would be perfect if you have relatively normal skin, i.e not dry or oily but I do like the finish it gives me and since I like quite a glowy base anyway I’m quite happy with it!

Do you guys like this foundation?


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  1. Hi! I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m quite curious…probably if your complexion is both oily and dry, you should try something more similar to a treatment. There are some good ones by Clinique, for instance. I know it’s not nice to buy a foundation and then have to skip it to buy something else, but I know the vicious cycle, having had a troubling skin for the last two years…

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