Summer Skin Must Haves



Let’s address the foot cream first to get the image of feet out of your head quicker, deep breaths. Ok, so the heels of my feet in the summer are dry as hell so I’m having to use this foot cream overly regularly. I’m glad it’s not too pricey! I apply the Soap & Glory Heel Genius (£5.50 @ Boots) to my heels after using one of those grater things (eww) and let it soak in for a while. It really does save them so I can’t recommend this stuff enough.

To help my skin stay moisturised and tanned for longer I’ve been using the Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream (£3.21 @ Boots) for my body. My boyfriend purchased this for himself but didn’t like it as it has a tendency to go a bit greasy if you use too much. I use a small amount of this all over my body and it works well for me. I like that it has barely any scent at all since scented body creams seem to dry my skin out more than help it and it’s uber cheap!

Recently I’ve trying to keep my facial skincare down to a minimum as I get a major oily t-zone in the heat, so for day time I’m opting for a simple light moisturiser that I’ve loved for a while now the Ginzing Energy Boosting Moisturiser by Origins (£23). I may of mentioned this before but I love the invigorating scent and light texture of this product, it’s just fab and doesn’t clog my pores. I use this a few minutes before my foundation so that it glides more smoothly onto the skin.

Lip balm is of course a key product in the summer and other than my several tinted lip balms (mainly Burt’s Bees) I’ve been reaching for my Nuxe Reve De Miel (£9.50 @ Marks & Spencer’s). It’s quite thick so not one for going underneath a lipstick but great for when your lips need a moisture treat more than a splash of colour!

Throughout the day I’ve been finding that my skin needs a little refresh and for this I’ve been using the La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water Spray (£4 @ Boots) It has no scent at all, since it’s literally just water in spray form and it comes in a handy handbag sized bottle.

Something I forgot to include in the picture above was a very necessary product, sunscreen *doh! My favourite is one by Calypso and it’s the Sun Lotion in SPF 30 (£4.99 online) because it is actually moisturising and it smells of those foamy banana sweets which is obviously much better than the usual sun screen smell!

And lastly at the end of a very hot sunny day, when you’ve been outside baking yourself you really do need some aftersun and I have been using the Nivea Sun Moisturising After Sun Lotion With Aloe Vera (£3.50 @ Boots) It’s cheap and cheerful and does the job of making your skin feel cooled, soothed and healthier.

What are your summer skin must haves?


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  1. Reve de miel is an all year rounder for me! I have sort of fallen out of love with the water sprays and with summer nearly gone here I don’t think ill need these this year! 😛

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