A Few Simple Beauty Tips

Today I’ve put together 5 simple tips that I think are most important when it comes to makeup and beauty in general. Some of these I am only recently following myself and some are downright obvious haha! But hopefully these will come of use to some of you.

1. Don’t forget skincare.

It’s common knowledge that makeup goes on better with good skin; by good skin I mean not dry or dehydrated but not completely perfect since not many of use are blessed with perfect skin!; so don’t be afraid to spend more on your daily skincare than you would a luxury foundation.The benefits will be worth it. All of the foundations I own bar one are budget friendly so as long my skin is looked after with good cleansing, moisturising and the odd face mask, I’m good to go.

 2. Dirty makeup brushes/hands = breakouts.

I guess that this depends on your skin type but if you have acne prone skin (as I do) the most important thing to do is to keep your skin, hands and brushes super clean when you apply your makeup to prevent those pesky blemishes from appearing to begin with.

I do a full wash of my brushes at least once a week and spot clean my eye brushes in between. This way they apply your makeup much better too! If you use your hands to apply your base, as many people do just make sure your hands are super clean and skip cuddling the pets till you’re done 😛 *must follow my own tip #canthelpitmypetsareadorable

3. Try to experiment.

I’ve recently been wanting to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to how I apply makeup as I was to be honest getting a little bored with my routine. I’ve got into using a stippling brush for foundation for a sheerer, lighter finish; something I never would of done before (I usually use my stippling brushes for powder or blush) and I actually really like how it looks. I do sometimes have to do some spot concealing which is an added step but hey that’s what concealer’s for!

And I’m also expanding my usual everyday brown smokey eye by adding in some purple, silver and even blue tones every now and then. Nothing too crazy but it’s good to mix it up a bit, keeps the passion alive! Plus you’ll actually touch some of those scary shades in your eyeshadow palettes. I’ve been watching more beauty guru’s makeup tutorials on youtube lately to get some inspiration!

 4. Read reviews of products before buying them.

The only time I’ve ever been disappointed with products is when I haven’t read up on them before hand, which sounds silly but other people’s opinions are usually right. I tend to read Temptalia because it offers the most accurate swatch images and very honest, thought out product reviews.

Obviously an exception to this would be limited edition products as the reviews often come out after the products are all sold but this is why I tend to mostly skip limited edition collections. Makes life easier and saves me money.

5. Keep the pretties organised.

The other day I split my makeup into two separate sections as I was simply feeling slightly overwhelmed and it’s really helped. Don’t get me wrong I really don’t have a massive Pinterest worthy makeup selection as I just plain can’t afford it (trust me I would if I could) but I really want to use the more special products (gifts, limited editions and the products with the extra fancy packaging) than the less unique and older stuff that I own. Cos what’s the point in having the pretties hidden right?!

So I now have one Muji drawer set for my most loved/most special makeup and one for my less loved/less unique. I’m finding it very handy and I’m taking much less time to choose what to wear which equals more time for readin’ them blogs!




  1. I always had that problem of organizing my makeup but since i was sooo lazy so it was always lying around my room lol but now i have learned that it’s really important that you have all of your makeupz stuff in one place :3

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