Scotch Pancakes Anyone?

Today I thought I’d share my pancake knowledge because well who doesn’t love pancakes right?! They are beyond easy to make and are a yummy change (albeit more fattening, but life’s too short) from the usual cereal or toast for breakfast.

These are similar to american style pancakes but not quite as dense. They’re kind of a combo of the typical crepe style pancakes and the american uber fluffy version. These are obviously best straight out of the pan but you can store them in the fridge and reheat them in the toaster the next day or maybe for a cheeky evening snack.


Ingredients: 200g Self Raising Flour|half a tsp Baking Powder|4 tblsp Caster Sugar|300ml or half a pint of Milk|2 Medium Eggs|1 tsp vanilla extract optional|2 tblsp Butter plus extra for the pan.

How to: Measure out the dry ingredients and put them into a large mixing bowl then add the egg and milk bit by bit whisking as you go, this just makes for less lumps in the batter and smoother pancakes. Now add in the butter and vanilla extract mix and pour the mixture into the measuring jug you probably used to measure out the milk.

Warm up a smallish pan to medium heat, drizzle some melted butter onto the pan (just a little) and then pour the mixture into the pan. You can make them any size you want but I usually keep them small enough to flip over easily. Flip the pancake over when it’s covered in tiny bubbles and the colour underneath resembles the picture above. At this size I can make up to 15 which is plenty for 3-4 people depending how greedy they are 😉


I like mine with plenty of nutella on top (I am obsessed with it to the point of madness!) but the family uses any of the above including the usual lemon and sugar. If you opt out of the sugar/vanilla in the mixture (maybe replace it with a pinch of salt) you could even add savoury toppings if that’s your forte.

Super simple and super yummy!

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**On a random note I just used an awesome recipe for a microwave chocolate pudding (no eggs) and it was delicious. Find it here 🙂





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