Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation


I’ve been intrigued to try the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation because I love the serum version so much I figured this one would be good too. I got it in the shade Light Vanilla (£9.99) which I thought would be the same tone as it’s serum counterpart but unfortunately it has a pink undertone to it which isn’t right for me at all!

Even with the shade being a little off I can say that I like this foundation, it has pretty much the same finish as the serum version albeit a little less oily which is not necessarily a bad thing on my combo skin. I’m all for not having to powder all the time! I’m not sure if it has the same “glides over dry patches” effect as the serum version because I don’t currently have any but it feels like it probably would. When I run out of my current shades I will more than likely try the shade up from this one.

What I love about the Bourjois bases is that they don’t feel overly heavy on the skin which stops my skin from totally freaking out. I’ve found with other bases like the pretty thick full coverage Silk Creme Foundation (by Laura Mercier) my pores get clogged up and I get breakouts when I use it regularly so that’s why I tend to stick to Bourjois on a daily basis!

My foundation draw currently stores 4 Bourjois bases so that goes to show how fab they are. If you haven’t tried out any from the brand I highly recommend them, seriously!




    • The lightest shade in the serum one is called Vanille Clair and it’s really pale (I use it in winter) and the lightest shade in the cc cream is even lighter than that. Have you tried them?


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