Holiday Photo Diary Continued

I said I was going to post up a daily holiday diary, turns out that was too much effort for lazy me so here are some pics from the last few days.

img_6096 img_6162img_6205 img_6214img_6217 img_6218 img_6261img_6284img_6292 img_6296img_6283 img_6332

What can I say the views speak for themselves and if you are wondering yes we did go on that sea tractor contraption! Don’t the boys look adorable in their ladybug hats 🙂

The weather really upped the anti and it’s pretty boiling here (for the UK that is) so were making the most of it and going to the beach everyday. Some good news our car is fixed so last night we went to a large Tesco and stocked up on plenty of food.

At the local Tesco there was even a Rimmel stand with the Ivory shade of their Wake Me Up Concealer that I can never ever find anywhere at home! Sounds silly but I’ve been looking for one for literally months lol!

I will probably be sharing more photo’s when we return home as the internet’s pretty slow out here and I don’t want to waste the holiday on the computer…


p.s I want more cake…



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