I’m on Holiday…

For a week me and my family (and my boyfriend too) are on holiday in South Devon so for the time we are here I thought I’d share some pics and write a sort of “day diary” to mix things up a bit. Hope you like it!

We arrived here yesterday late afternoon (with car drama, won’t bore you with it, long story. #walkingholiday) to a lovely (surprisingly large) cottage with a proper cosy fireplace and a garden opening out onto pretty green fields.

We were starving at the time and pretty surprised to find that the pub across the road made only Italian food. That is rare to find in the middle of very english countryside so it’s safe to say that this place was made for us!

This morning started off a tad dreary and it didn’t pick up until around 1pm so it was only then that we decided to brave the unpredictable weather (the forecast kept randomnly changing) and go for a potentially long walk to the beach.

We had a bit of a planning fail and didn’t take a map so we relied on locals directions and followed public footpaths through fields of very large cows; but we got there eventually and the view was glorious. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen proper seaside and boy did I miss the sea air!

From then on it was really hot all day (we all have red cheeks and noses to prove it) until it ended on a pink sunset which is hopefully a sign of more good weather to come! We are all exhausted (especially dolly from all that running) and so I’m off to bed, but here are a few pics (click on them to see them larger) that I took throughout the day. I will probably add some more photos on to this post tomorrow morning when I have access to a computer!



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