Roasted Chicken & Vegetable Stew

Roasted Chicken, Peppers and Vegetable Stew1

Another meal coming at ya! Nothing too fancy here just good old fashioned chicken broth with veggies and some bread to soak up the yummy broth. I’ve made this before with tiny pasta and it’s yummy but I wanted to have less wheat involved. This meal was to serve 5-6 people so I made a big batch up.

1 Whole cooked chicken|The seasoning mixture I used in my last food post (see here) but doubled or possibly even tripled depending on the size of the chicken|6 Bell Peppers (not the green ones) cut into chunky slices|A pack of cherry tomatoes chopped in half.

Plenty of 4 bunches of celery, around 8 carrots and 2 onions chopped up as small as you can|3 tins of chopped tomatoes|4-5 Garlic cloves crushed|A handful of fresh basil leaves chopped up OR about 2 Tablespoons of dried basil|Lots of salt and pepper|Finely grated parmesan|A decent loaf of bread cut into slices.

*If you want to add pasta I suggest these as they are really small and would work great.

  • Put the oven on to 220°C (428F).
  • Place the chicken into a deep baking tray and using a knife cut numerous thin slits over it’s top and sides. Then pour over the melted butter mixture and rub it in a bit.
  • Put the bell peppers and the tomatoes into a large metal baking tray. Add salt, pepper and basil if desired and shake it all up with your hands.
  • Cook the chicken for the recommended time (it usually says on the packet) and make sure to baste it every 15-20 or so minutes.
  • Put the peppers/tomatoes tray in the oven and cook for about 45 mins or until they are soft and have browned around the edges.
  • When the chicken is cooked leave it in the tray to cool down enough so that you can touch it and cut of all of the meat. Tear up or slice larger pieces into small strips. Make sure you save any juices left in the tray for the broth along with the chicken carcass!
  • Put the chicken carcass and and the broth in a medium sized saucepan, fill up with water and simmer for about 40 mins, or until the water has soaked up the chicken flavour.
  • Fry up the garlic and onions in a decent amount of olive oil in a large saucepan until cooked.
  • Then add the vegetables, stock and the tinned tomatoes. Put a lid on the pan and let the veg cook till soft. If you feel like you want more liquid just add some boiled water to make the dish go further. I just guessed how far I wanted the broth to go but an extra kettle full made enough for 8-9 large bowls full. If you’re adding pasta put that in now.
  • When the veg is cooked you’re ready to serve up. Get some of the veggie broth in a large pasta bowl, scatter in the chicken and peppers and don’t forget to add a sprinkling of delicious parmesan





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