Multi Purpose Trio

I’ve been using these three products for a while and over time I’ve found that they can be used in multiple ways which is a great way of saving some money and space in your makeup bag!

IMG_5815edit IMG_5819edit

First up is the MOA Green Balm (£9), an all natural balm that you could use for literally anything, no seriously! I have used it for facial cleansing which it’s great for because it’s full of essential oils (this is why it smells really good) that will help combat oily/acne prone skin. I also use it for moisturising any dry skin I have especially cuticles and it’s a great lip balm too.

The Mary-Lou-Manizer by TheBalm (£16), which is technically an intense warm yellow toned facial highlighter; is great for highlighting the cheekbones, inner eyes, as a brow bone highlight and even an eyeshadow. I tried it as an eyeshadow the other day and it stayed put even with no primer! It looks really intense and has a lovely brightening effect so you look much more awake.

Pretty much everyday I use the Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder (£13) in the shade 03 for bronzing up my face and it’s awesome, but it’s also great for contouring the cheeks. The lightest shade in the range would probably be best for for this but I quite like a warm contour sometimes blended upwards to act a kind of blush as well. Quite often I use it in the crease of my eye as I saw the Pixiwoo sisters on youtube do this in numerous videos. It just pulls a whole look together, especially when you’re wearing bronzer and a brown smoky eye.




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