The Best Liquid Liner For Ease & Speed

IMG_5752IMG_5699IMG_5688edit I used to be a big fan of eyeliners be them kohl’s or liquid but recently I’ve just been using eyeshadow on a liner brush and that does the job. That was until I saw this liner in Superdrug and remembered how fab it was. For speedy eyeliner there is no other quite as speedy as the L’Oreal Superliner Perfect Slim in Black Intense (£6.99).

The nib is super fine so you can create a ”super” thin line along your lash line for some subtle definition but you can also wing it out easily too. Winging out liner is something I can find irritating as I have hooded lids so it’s hard to get the flick right but because the nib is so fine and quite stiff I find it much easier to create a small (everyday style) flick.

The liner I usually use is one of those dip it in the pot over and over scenario which drives me up the wall! What makes it even better is that it is the only pen style drugstore liquid liners that looks proper opaque black in one swipe. I know that the Stila version of this is highly raved about and although I haven’t tried the Stila version I’m pretty sure this is exactly the same.

It lasts all day on me although I haven’t tested it out in the rain or anything so I’m not sure of it’s waterproof abilities if any but that doesn’t really bother me.

What are your favourite liners?




  1. I love it as well! Though, mine is getting old and now the tip doesn’t get any more “ink”, but it still is the best liner I’ve used so far 🙂


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