I Went To The Body Shop

IMG_5574I’ve been needing to go into the body shop for ages because I ran out of the Almond Cuticle and Nail Oil which I really need for my overly dry cuticles! When I went in I saw numerous deals scattered around the store and found this one for the Almond Nail Range.

The set contains the Almond Hand Wash (£5 separately), a large tube of the Hand & Nail Cream (£10 separately) and the Nail & Cuticle Oil (£7 separately) for £16 instead of £22 when you buy them on their own; I pretty good deal I think. I’ve used the soap a few times and it is lovely; not overly scented which I like and moisturising on the hands.

The hand cream is great too although when I open it the cream just escapes by itself and you tend to use more than you really need. It’s good because it isn’t overly greasy like the Soap and Glory Hand Food that I usually use and it soaks into the skin really fast so you can actually use your phone!

The nail oil is something I’ve used for a long time as It’s great for helping out dry cuticles. I like to use it after I’ve done my nails and for top ups when they look dry. It also has a little cuticle pusher which is actually pretty handy! The main reason I like this range is because I’m not a fan of overly scented hand products, I find them to just dry my skin out rather than help it. If you, like me aren’t a fan of overly sweet or fragranced hand care go for this range!

I got the Cocoa Butter lip balm because it was in front of me at the till clearly because of the Cocoa-ness. Yep it smells like chocolate! It’s pretty good too, up there with the Burt’s Bees lip balms I love and a great handbag essential.


* you might notice the pink Superdrug bag creeping out (not on purpose, honest) but don’t worry all will be revealed tomorrow!



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