Updated Current Makeup Routine|Cheeks, Eyes & Brows

I’ve recently been contouring with the Sleek Contour Kit in light. Now I wouldn’t say this is particularly light but my skin has got a little sun (wahoo sunshine!) so it’s fine as long as I blend it out a bit. It’s matte and warm toned which I prefer to the kind of muddy effect that the Hollow pigment by Illamasqua gives. I just think this shade somehow looks more natural.

I then use the highlighter from the kit; which is surprisingly nice actually; It’s not shimmery but it’s definitely not a subtle highlight. I blend this up my cheekbones, down my nose and on my cupids bow. I find it handy that the contour and highlight are together in a palette too, it just makes things easier. Then I reach for blush which is usually the Hourglass blush that I always go on about in Mood Exposure. This blush just looks the most natural and flattering on my skin tone and gives a healthy finish. It also seems to go with every makeup look I do! The other day though I did buy a new MAC blush (see post here) so I have been using that a lot too.

Now for eyeshadow I’ve been loving MAC’s Satin Taupe lately all over the lid with Twinks in the outer v and crease for some definition. This combo looks great with a nude lipstick especially the shade Desirable by Estee Lauder. I think the taupe/grey shades look lovely with a pinky nude lippie and it makes a change from the usual warm browns that I go for.

I have also gotten into using the shade Sexpresso from the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette in my brows over the Brow Wiz by Anastasia. I find it much quicker to do and it matches my dark brows perfectly. I just even my brows up a bit on the arch because if I over do it they can look a little intense. You can see it in the MAC Duo Palette to the right of the photo, it’s basically a dark matte brown with no red or warmth to it.

And that’s pretty much it, although I do tend to switch up eyeshadows and sometimes lippies, this selection is what I’ve been loving lately.



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