Summer Sandals

I wanted to make sure that this year I don’t miss out on some decent black sandals as I always leave it too late and all the good ones are gone! The zip on my old ones ( like 4 years old!) from Zara eventually broke and I wanted something more smart than flip flops and although flip flops are cheap and comfy I’ve recently found a couple of bargain priced sandals that I really like.

New Look Sandals Primark SandalsThe first pair are the Black Leather Strappy Sandals from New Look £12.99, they are very plain and simple which is why I like them. I always wear black shoes (I wear a lot of black, it’s a problem of mine haha) because they look tidy and go with everything.

I then saw the second pair in Primark yesterday for only £4 and had to get them. When it comes to prints I prefer the more geometric than floral so these are right up my street. I’ve tried them on and the strap across the front of the foot is actually pretty flattering.

Considering I got both of these for under £20 (compared to my old pair from Zara which were £40) I’m very happy with them.




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