Bourjois|Velvet Rouge Edition Lipstick in Peach Club

I saw the new Bourjois Velvet Rouge Edition range in Boots a couple of weeks ago and knew I wanted to try it. It’s a liquid lipstick that dries matte, a formula I haven’t tried before but I have been to get a “proper” matte lip product under my possession. So I went for the shade Peach Club as the other’s seemed kind of predicable (orangey red’s, pinks etc) although the shade Grand Cru does also appeal to me.

First thing I’d say is that I like the packaging, it’s simple but looks chic (for drugstore) and you can see the colour through the tube for easy pickings. I love the formula, it goes on like a gloss but dries completely matte quickly. I like to build up two to three layers, not that isn’t opaque first swipe but I think that layering it up makes it last longer.

On me it lasts a hell of a long time, I’d say over 8 hours but not 12 as long as 12 as they suggest. One time I forgot to take it off and went to bed (naughty), I woke up with it still in tact albeit a bit faded. When it fades though it doesn’t leave that awful lip line effect. I don’t find it particularly drying but it’s not really moisturising either. It lasts through eating and drinking once it’s set too, which is something I wanted.

The colour on me actually looks pretty orange in person, the photo above was with flash which seems to detract the orangeness a bit. Overall I’m liking it and for the drugstore price of £8.99 I think it’s pretty awesome.




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