Nude|Perfect Cleansing Oil

I bought the Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil (£28) recently whilst Space NK had the £10 off deal, mainly because I’ve read so many great reviews about it but also because I wanted to try and make taking of my makeup a faster task. This cleansing oil is a dry oil that you rub into a dry face of makeup (including mascara, yep it get’s pretty messy), then you add a little water to make it more milky, (not foamy) and wash it all off with a washcloth.

Well that’s the idea, but I tend to use a slightly different method than they say as I find it doesn’t actually remove all of my mascara, Benefit’s They’re Real which isn’t even technically waterproof but is a stubborn mascara to remove. Anyway, what I do is rub a pump of it into my eyelashes first so that the oil can dissolve the mascara for longer, take that off with water and then do the over the whole face thing. I do still cleanse with a creamy cleanser afterwards just to make sure everything is off and my face is properly cleansed, but I always did that anyway, double cleansing helps my skin from breaking out as often.

Typically though if I’m wearing loads of liner, liquid or kohl, I still have to go in with an eye makeup remover which in my head defeats the whole point of the stuff. If you buy this on the ideal that it’ll take all your makeup off quickly and easily then don’t bother. A positive though is that it doesn’t break me out, which with my sensitive skin is a big bonus and it doesn’t seem to have any scent to it.

I did read that a much cheaper oil cleanser from The Body Shop is better at getting everything off in one go, which is beyond annoying since this is pretty pricey. Good job I brought in during the deal! I guess I’ll be trying the Body Shop version when this runs out.

Have any of you guys tried this cleanser?





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