Makeup Storage

I recently moved my makeup to a different location so I figured I’d take some photo’s and share with you what I use for storing my makeup…


IMG_2210 IMG_2181


The most recent thing I bought for this is the lipstick holder/makeup organiser from Amazon (£8.24). It has 12 sections for lip products, a large slot for big items, two tall sections for eye/brow products/a few tools and also a slot at the back in which I store my two eyeshadow quads that I use most often.

I store the main stash in these two Muji drawer sets, which I’m sure you’ve all heard about and/or own yourself. They are a great way of storing your makeup for easy access and to get some organisation happening. These are both in the wide width, one is a 2 drawer (at the bottom) and the other a 3 drawer (£10.95 and £17.95). I originally started off with just the two drawer but of course I bought more makeup and was kind of sick of having separate makeup bags for everything. The two drawers are great though as they are much deeper in height so you can pile up say two blushers if you need the room. I tend to move mine about often depending on what I’m reaching for the most.

I got this black and white geometric print makeup bag from Primark ages ago for storing my other eyeshadow palettes that aren’t particularly pretty to look at (MAC Palettes etc).

And lastly I use a acrylic desk pot from Muji for my makeup brushes (£5.50) along with a cute camera lense style mug that I got as a gift, in which I put my used brushes and eyelash curlers. I like the Muji pot because I can section out the brushes by purpose (powder, foundation etc). It may be a tad OCD but definitely makes it easier to find the brush you want, when you want it!





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