I’m not really the most  “fashion conscious” person in the land and I like to keep things simple so these blouses from Warehouse are perfect for me and I love the two brighter colours (something my wardrobe seriously lacks). Also I already own two leather jackets but they are both black so this dark red one would make a nice change and I love the triangle necklace too. Warehouse always tempts me..


To be honest I never buy anything in Topshop as I find their sizing to be a tad off, although I do really like the check shirt and I am in serious need of some decent jeans.


Yeh I guess it’s a bit early for sandal shopping but if I leave it till it’s actually warm it seems all the nice ones are gone. These black ones from New Look are both under £10 so a proper bargain!


You’ll know from my recent post that I recently got some new Headphones and although I want to take them everywhere with me I can’t because they didn’t come with a case and my current bags don’t have any decent sections to store them in safely. I know that Zara is well known for it’s City Bag for compartments so I had a look and found these lovelies. I think I’m drawn towards the red ones the most.


I am seriously lacking in the shoes department right now, I pretty much just wear short black boots and that needs to change. I’ve always been one for converse so I like the look of these leather high tops from Office. I figured they would last well and it makes a change from canvas too!


Space NK has a £10 off when you spend £40 deal right now (see here) so I want to make use of that before it goes although the Hourglass powder is unfortunately sold out so I’m thinking sculpting powder…




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