Lets Wash Our Makeup Brushes


I’m sure you all know how to wash your makeup brushes but nevertheless here is a post on how I wash mine.

To start you off will need a towel big enough to fit all your brushes so you can lay them down to dry and a soap/shampoo/brush shampoo. I usually just use an antibacterial soap like this Palmolive one. I like to wash my brushes every week because bacteria can build up on them (ewwww) so I try and make it a sunday thing. I’m not gonna lie it is time consuming but it is definitely worth it.

I tend to start off with my foundation brushes as they get the most build up on them. First I run the brush under warm water to get it wet making sure to hold it facing downwards (otherwise you get water into the ferrel and it can ruin the shape of them), then I put a little soap in my hand and swirl the brush around in the soap. Sometimes it can take around 3 washes to get my foundation brushes clean so it can take a while, just rinse out and repeat until the bubbles that come off the brush are white and the water runs clear when you rinse them. I make sure to rinse the soap out thoroughly so it doesn’t dry out the brushes and squeeze out the excess moisture so they will dry faster.

With concealer and eye brushes I wash a few at a time to speed up the process, otherwise I could be there all day! When they’re all washed I pull them into their original shape and lay them down on the towel to dry making sure to let the more dense fluffy brushes hang off the edge a bit so they dry quicker. The big brushes obviously take longer to dry anyway so that’s why I wash mine in the evening, so that they are ready to use on Monday morning. I then store my brushes in this acrylic desk pot from Muji (£5.50) along with a camera lense style mug that I got as a gift, in which I put my eye brushes and eyelash curlers.




  1. My routine is the same, exept that for my eye brushes I often use pure alcohol. It’s quicker and easier. And surprizingly all of the brushes look brand new without loosing bristles or getting too dry!


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