Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette|Swatches, Look and Review

Today I am going to share with you some images of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette including swatches and an eyeshadow look. I’ve had this palette for just over a week and I already love it!

The shadows are of great quality, as predicted with a Too Faced palette and the shades are a great neutral selection (bar the random pale pink) They also have cocoa powder in them and who doesn’t want their makeup to smell like chocolate, right?!

1st row

Gilded Ganache, White Chocolate (m), Milk Chocolate (m), Black Forest Truffle, Triple Fudge (m).

2nd row

Salted Caramel (m), Marzipan, Semi-Sweet (m), Strawberry Bon Bon (m), Candied Violet, Amaretto.

3rd row
Hazelnut, Crème Brulee, Haute Chocolate, Cherry Cordial (m), Champagne Truffle.

I’ve noticed that the shade Hazelnut is very soft, you barely touch it with the brush and you end up with much more than you need although a quick tap on the edge of the palette obviously sorts that out so it’s not a big deal and it’s still one of my favourite shades from the palette. I am a however a little disappointed with the shade Cherry Cordial, as you can see from the swatch it is a tad dry and the pigmentation isn’t at all as good as the other mattes in the palette. It also swatches a completely different colour to what it looks in the pan which is a shame.

All the other shades are perfect though so I am pretty impressed with it overall. I love that they have included a matte and a shimmer highlight shade and that they made them bigger than the other shades. I highlight the inner corner of my eyes all the time so they seem to be the shades that reduce the fastest in my other palettes. Obviously this palette is warm toned so if you’re looking for a cool neutral palette this isn’t it, but I personally think blue eyes suit the more red and warm browns as they make them stand out more.

The packaging is great too, it has a magnetic closure and feels secure and sturdy. It also has a decent sized mirror, which is good for travel and it came in a very pretty box with a pamphlet of eyeshadow looks to copy. I have an obsession with all things chocolate related so the fact that when you open it you get a great waft of sweet chocolate brings me much joy!

For the look below I used Salted Caramel (m) in the crease, White Chocolate (m) on the brow bone, Crème Brulee on the lid, inner corners and lower lash line, Hazelnut on the outer edge and outer lower lash line and then Haute Chocolate to darken it up a bit. Lastly I used Triple Fudge (m) with an angled brush on the upper lash line.







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