House of Marley Buffalo Soldier Headphones

Music used to be something I’d listen too all the time, on the way to work and even college back in the day, but I always used in ear headphones which now seems so illogical as they bother my ears. Anyway getting to the point my crappy in ear headphones broke the other day and I wanted some decent but not overly priced over ear style headphones that don’t make me look crazy! Welcome my new babies (sado over here) the House of Marley Buffalo Soldier Headphones (£69.99 at HMV). 

The House of Marley brand is based around an eco friendly ethos and so their headphones are made from all recycled materials, even the packaging and some money from the sales goes to the 1Love fund (the Marley families charitable organisation).

This particular pair are made of aluminium and covered in recycled material. They also have wood on the earcups which gives them a more individual look and I think it makes them look more expensive. The earcups themselves are smaller than other brands and are very comfortable. The sound from these, although I don’t have much to compare them too, is great. They are pretty bassy which I love and they also block out sound around you. The cable is covered in fabric so the wires don’t get tangled up, such a brilliant idea. Why don’t all headphones have that, madness I tell you!

As you can tell I love them already, maybe I should add a pic of me actually wearing them into this post.



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