MAC 217 vs Zoeva 227 Soft Definer


I have been using both the MAC 217 (£18) and the Zoeva 227 Soft Definer (£5.95 at Love-Makeup) for quite a while now so thought it was time for a comparison review. Obviously with MAC you are paying for not just the brush itself but also the brand, but I still think that here the price difference between these two is madness.

The Zoeva brush is maybe a tad less fluffy from side view but it is much much softer than the MAC 217 which feels rather scratchy on my (maybe overly sensitive) eyelids. To be honest since using the Zoeva brush I would not buy another MAC brush, that’s how good it is! I also have other Zoeva brushes that have impressed my just as much as this one.

Neither of these brushes shed hair so that is not an issue and they both wash well although the MAC brushes outer hairs do tend to stick out randomly if not smoothed into place to dry. The fact that I could of gotten three of the 227’s in place of just one 217 is beyond annoying, but I will probably be buying more Zoeva brushes soon. I have my eye on some the new ones they’ve brought out recently.

Have you guys tried Zoeva brushes, if so what do you think?


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