Review|Babyliss Curl Secret

You may of seen this in my Birthday Goodies post as I asked for the Babyliss Curl Secret Styler (£119) for my birthday. I had seen a couple of youtube “guru’s” using it and it looked so much easier than the usual tool I use, a curling wand, that I knew I wanted to try it out. Ive used this twice now and although it’s a bit odd to begin with, a machine sucking your hair up into it isn’t usually a good thing, you get over that pretty quickly.

The technique is to grab a tiny amount of hair making sure there are no knots whatsoever, place the hair in the dip at the front of the wand and shut the clamp on it. As long as the piece of hair isn’t too thick or knotty it will spin it around into the barrel, sit there for the desired time (depending on the setting you choose and then beep several times when it’s ready. It sounds complicated but really it’s much simpler than winding your hair round a wand and burning yourself in the process.

Several things I have noticed are –

  • It can only handle very small amounts of hair so if you have a lot of hair or it’s very thick you could be there a while. Mine isn’t even that long or thick and it still takes a while.
  • Hair can still get tangled even if its brushed through and the curler is round the correct way, don’t worry though it doesn’t break the hair you just need to gently pull it out and it’s fine.
  • My hair curls super fast on the lowest heat and time settings (the setting I used for the look above). With curling wands it usually takes forever. I imagine this means if I chose a higher setting they would be major ringlet curls and would probably last ages.
  • The curls stay in a long time, with me they are still good, albeit more like waves, the next day.
  • Your hair never is never burnt because the timer stops you from over doing it, something I often did with curling irons. I know, bad Claudia!!
  • The curls alternate directions each time for a “more natural look”.

All in all I am more than happy with these curlers, they do what I want them to with ease. I think the main positive for me is that I can never burn my hair with them (woop woop!) and I can do it whilst not really thinking about it. For the innovative concept they are definitely worth the money as I don’t think there is anything else like it on the market.



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