Skincare Additions|Hydraluron, Serozinc, Vichy & Effaclar Duo+

Here are few skincare goodies I’ve purchased recently from Escentual, Boots and Farmaline. The sales at Escentual always get me but I did actually need a new serum and I had been wanting to try the updated Effaclar Duo to see the difference, if any. This won’t be a full review as these are new to me but i’ll share my first impressions on each product.

Firstly the Vichy Idealia Life Serum‘s packaging is lovely and feels high quality. I tested the serum itself out last night and from what I can tell it is definitely more hydrating than the Caudalie Vinesource SOS Serum I had used up and run out of. It also feels thicker than the Caudalie serum, which is super watery and in the sale it was a few quid cheaper and so far I am happy with it and will be using it at night time from now on.

Next up Hydraluron (currently £8 off at boots fyi) which is a product raved about by skincare fanatics as it’s supposed to boost moisture in the skin by a crazy amount. The technique with this lightweight serum, as mentioned on Caroline Hiron’s wesbite, is to apply it after your serum and before your moisturiser so that the moisturiser has a base to stick to and “successfully” moisturise your skin. I’ve only been using this a few days (in the day time) so I can’t say there is much difference yet but I do find that my moisturiser (Origins Ginzing) sinks in faster than usual.

Serozinc is basically a toner you use after cleansing and or exfoliating to soothe, moisturise and calm down redness in the skin. I’ve used it for the past two days and it does all of that. It is super hard to find in the UK so I got mine from Farmaline. I just wish they didn’t charge for postage because this bumps the price up from £8.17 to £14.21, which although isn’t an insane amount for a toner it is still more than I want to pay. I also hate paying for postage so I’m hoping this product will be in boots soon so I can avoid that.

I haven’t used the Effaclar Duo+ yet because touch wood my skin is behaving pretty nicely at the moment. In the mean time see here for my insanely long (must of been very bored?!) review on La Roche Posay featuring the Effaclar Duo (not the + version). It’s featured here too!



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