Favourite Android Apps

There is a never ending amount of apps out there but android I’ve found is still sometimes lacking the good stuff. Here are my favourite app finds for my Samsung Galaxy S3 starting with photography…

Personally I find Instagram’s editing tools to be lacking because I prefer a more manual editing technique (I’m a bit of a perfectionist). My app of choice here is Aviary. With this app you can change the brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth, focus, sharpness..the list goes on. The possibilities with this app are endless.

I like to edit and sometimes crop my images through Aviary and I tend to find that Instagram crops them further when you don’t want it to so I downloaded the app called Square. Square fixes the issue by framing your image in a colour that you select from a colour wheel. There are other apps of this nature but I have found Square to be the most easy and quick to use although these apps can reduce the quality of your images a little which is frustrating.

If you like to display multiple images in one photo, as in an organised collage, then I think the PhotoGrid is pretty good. All you need to do is choose the style you want then select your images and shake the phone to change the arrangement of them so it’s really easy to use.

Moving on to a note taking app with Evernote being my firm favourite. With this app you can add links and images to text notes and save them to your online Evernote account. This means that if you have two android devices (or apple as this is available in the apple app store as well) you can save all your notes on both via your online account. It’s a simple idea but one I use very often via my ipad mini. I find it great for planning out blog posts and making excessively long makeup shopping lists!

I’m not really one for gaming on my phone (other than plantsvszombies every now and then) and because of my makeup obsession I’m always reading blogs through Bloglovin’, watching Youtube guru’s videos or browsing through Pinterest. Yep I’m definitely obsessed! So what are your favourite apps?

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