Recently there have been a lot of new makeup releases so below are my personal favourites and a few extra things that I am on the hunt for..

Soon to be released in the US are the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes in various shades. I have seen these mentioned on a few blogs and I have to say they look blumin’ beautiful. I have not caved into purchasing the Ambient Lighting Powder purely yet because I’m not really a huge powder fan and they are super expensive for a powder, but these are said to be more reasonably priced so I’m definitely intrigued.


I currently own a few of the Zoeva brushes and they are amazingly soft, don’t shed and are not madly expensive either ( I actually prefer my Zoeva 227 blending brush to the MAC 217 as it’s much much softer and washes better) so when I got an email from them today introducing new brushes I knew that I would want them. Anyway they have brought out a few new individual brushes along with a very pretty Rose Gold Brush Set (don’t they look gorgeous!) and they come with a very handy clutch bag. Oh yeh and my birthday is coming up soon sooooooo *hint hint*

A confusing one here is is the “new” lipstick range I’ve seen mentioned a few times by Maybelline called The Color Sensational The Buffs Collection see here . These consist of ten new shades but unfortunately I have no idea when or if they are coming to the UK anytime soon as I can’t find any release details online. I did read somewhere that they might me be named something different as numerous brands seem to rename their products when they bring them over here. Going by the swatches I’ve seen there would be a few shades for sure that would interest me so hopefully I can find them!


Clothing wise I tend to stick to the same type of clothing especially in the colder months. This consists of long loose tops/jumpers, skinny black jeans/jeggings and short black boots. This style suits my shape, is the easiest to wear and is also pretty comfy. I’m always looking for the type of tops I like (you can never have too many!) and I found one at Warehouse in a few colours that fits the bill perfectly here.

Another thing I have been on the lookout for is super simple jewellery similar to the type that youtuber/blogger Chelsea Wears often mentions. She wears her Minoux tiny bar necklace all the time in her videos it looks great for a simple everyday necklace. I recently purchased one in a similar style here at Topshop for only £5.50 which in my opinion is a great bargain. I’ve seen online that they do numerous sets of midi rings which I am in need of as the ones I have aren’t that great. I think I may be perusing Topshops jewellery aisle again very soon…

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