Today I will be sharing with you the highlighting powders that I currently own and give a mini review of each one..

From left to right on all imagesSoap and Glory Glow All Out, thebalm Mary-Lou-Manizer LuminizerE.L.F Baked Blush in Pinktastic, Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Furore, Nars Devotee.

I’d like to say that the swatches above are just to show the colour, this is not the effect they give when blended out on the skin. First up is the loose pigment by Illamasqua (second in from the right). As you can see from the swatch it is a very shimmery peach champagne coloured pigment which if used very subtly gives a great sparkly glow, but also perfect for a more glamorous over the top highlight. I tend to just gently dip my finger in this pigment and buff over the tops of my cheek bones as you barely need any of this to give the desired effect.

Next we have the complete opposite end of the highlight spectrum with the Soap and Glory Glow All Out (furthest on the left, sorry about the focus here) being the least detectable highlight of the bunch. For me this comes up pretty pink especially with my pale winter skin so I use this as more of a glowy blush on the cheeks. This is great for someone who wants a very natural looking highlight.

The E.L.F Baked Blush in Pinktastic is as you can tell by the name supposed to be a blush, but on me it comes up more of a pale peach with a metallic sheen to it so I tend use this for highlighting. Being a baked blush the powder itself is harder in the pan but is still super easy to apply with a finger or the RT brush. A recent purchase of mine is the Mary-Lou-Manizer Luminizer by the balm which is a yellow toned highlighter. On subtlety i’d say this sits in between the Illamasqua and the S&G but it adds more of a sheen that glitter. This powder is super soft and very pigmented so should last a long time. This is one has been a big hit in the beauty community and I totally understand why.

Lastly is the Devotee blush from my Guy Bourdin Palette (see post here) which is the palest, pigmentation wise, of the bunch. It is pretty subtle so gives more of a pale sheen to the skin than a full on highlight.

Overall I think that my favourites would be between the E.L.F baked blush or the Mary-Lou-Manizer. The e.l.f one for the price and glow it gives and the thebalm luminizer for being a more prominent non peachy toned highlighter.

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