Review|Nars Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Palette

As mentioned in my Christmas Present post I received the Nars Guy Bourdin Palette as a gift in 2013. So first are some images below, minus swatches because there are loads online anyway and this post is more about me sharing my opinion than trying to sell the palette to you. I usually go to Temptalia looking for product swatches as I find they are the best and most reliable. They have a post here on the whole of the Nars Guy Bourdin Collection with swatches and even though most of it is sold out (bar a few at asos and surprisingly quite a few on the Nars website itself) The blushers seem harder to come by but there are still some out there at the spacenk website. And since it was a limited edition palette it seems a little unfair to be doing this post at all, but I’m sure there’s some Nars fans that could share their thoughts here too.






Now I’m going to start by saying I do not own any Nars blushers or the famous Laguna bronzer separately to this palette, which was why I wanted this palette so much to test them out for myself. Firstly I shall start with the negatives. I really dislike the Nars packaging because it shows up every tiny finger print and smudge known to man and it drives me mad. I had to spend 5 minutes rubbing all the marks off the front of it to take these photos! The second negative to me is the Laguna bronzer (bottom left of palette). It is not what I thought it would be like at all. I find it dry and it is seemingly too dry for any brush to pick up a decent amount of it and it doesn’t seem that pigmented. I doesn’t give me a bronzey look, more just a muddy look. I’m thinking this might work better for me in the warmer months when my skin isn’t as ghost like as it is at this time of year.

Other than those two issues I love the palette overall. Whilst the packaging does bother me I still like the size of the palette itself. I imagine it would be useful for travelling and having a nice selection of blushes in one convenient palette. The actual blush powders are great, my current favourite being the scary looking bright pink (top middle- Mistinguette) for a pop of colour. My second favourite here is probably Goulue which was a surprise to me as I usually go for more natural looking blush shades, but this looks great if a small amount is applied and blended well, predominately on the tops of the cheekbones to give the face a lift. The highlighter (Devotee) is quite a natural highlight as it isn’t too shimmery and I tend to apply this with my finger for easier blending. It gives a lovely glow. With the blushers I tend to use my Eco tools brush (my brushes will be talked about in a post coming up soon), which is quite fluffy so you don’t pick up too much product.

So to round up I am very happy with this palette, it was a great Christmas present (thanks bf!) and I am using it pretty much everyday. And hey, who knows maybe I’ll look into more Nars products if I can let my irritations with the packaging slide. I’m thinking about their creamy concealer right now…..oh dear..



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