Beauty Favourites 2013|Skincare, Hair & Body Products

Now onto the second part of my 2013 Favourites, not wanting to ramble on so lets just hop right in!


Face make-up Remover – On a daily basis I used a combination of MOA The Green Balm and L’Oréal Paris Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution throughout the year. The balm softens up the makeup and the micellar water wipes it away easy peasy. The MOA balm is completely natural and filled with oils to nourish the skin so I leave it on a couple of minutes before removing with the loreal solution.

Eye Makeup Remover – For my waterproof mascara obsession/problem the L’oreal Absolute Eye and Lip Makeup Remover is the only eye makeup remover that actually can do the major task of removing it without taking all my lashes off at the same time.

Moisturisers – Decent moisturisers that don’t make my oily skin freak out are hard to come by, so on a hunt, it was last year that I became obsessed with Origins products, something I’m sure will continue on this year. I love their GinZing range, it smells amazing but is also very light so I use the GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser every morning. I need to use the tiniest amount of this, literally dip my finger in and that’s enough to cover my whole face and neck, so although I’ve run out now it lasted over half the year! (need to repurchase desperately) I also used the High Potency Night-A-Mins when my skin needed an extra moisture boost. The Night-a-Mins is a lot heavier than the GinZing although this is kind of to be expected since it is night time moisturiser but I only use this when my skin is super dehydrated or on any specific dry patches.

Serum – The Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum is a light hydration serum, it is not at all sticky or heavy so it’s great for using anytime, day or night. I tend to use this at night under the Night-A-Mins.

Masks –For masks I looked up numerous reviews before purchasing (mainly ghostparties because she loves skincare). Firstly the Origins Drink Up Mask has been my obsession pretty much the whole year, I use it when my skin feels a tad dry and lacks glow (it’s been my skins savior this winter) and when my skins breaking out and it really helps to balance things out. Although it is a ”ten minute” mask I tend to apply a dollop of this before bed and let it work it’s magic whilst I sleep. When my skin is majorly misbehaving I find that the Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask placed on the individual bad areas dries them up super fast. I don’t use this one my entire face because my more sensitive skin doesn’t love it (goes super red and dries out a bit) but if used as I just mentioned it works well for me.

Eye cream –La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Eyes is my eye moisturiser of choice, in fact it’s more of a serum so it is light enough to use during the day as well. My under eyes soak it right up.

Lip Products –The Lush mint Julips Lip Scrub not only smells and tastes delicious but also does the hard job of polishing up chapped lips pretty well. For most of the year regarding lip balm I used my beloved Burt’s Bees in the mint flavour but I ran out of it and lost my Babylips (sad face) a while back so decided to go for a more luxury brand for a change. I chose the Nuxe Reve De Miel lip balm because everyone raves about it (especially Estee from essiebutton) and i like to try things out that others love. It has kind of a weird texture that’s hard to explain and is very much a heavy duty moisturiser but it also dries kind of matte, yeh like I said hard to explain.


Shampoo & Conditioner –For most of the year I actually used the EverRiche version of the Loreal Paris Hair Expertise Shampoo paired up with the EverStrong Reinforcing and Vitality Conditioner but I found the shampoo to make my hair a bit too lank and silky so switched the shampoo to the EverStrong Reinforcing and Vitality version which works much better for me. These shampoos are great because they are sulphate free and that is very hard to find in a drugstore shampoo and conditioner combo. Plus they are pretty cheap too, with the added help of the boots and superdrugs 3 for 2 type offers.

Hair styling products – The Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray is a really good heat protector that I always use. It’s good for de-tangling my knot prone hair and smoothing out any frizz with a little help from the John Freida Frizz-Ease Thermal Protection Serum. On second day hair I have to use a dry shampoo on my roots and Batiste is the one I reach for (along with every other female). 2013 was also the year of the Tangle Teaser (for me anyway) and I purchased my one in the orange shade at the beginning of the year. I don’t know what I’d do without it.


Shower Products – The Soap and Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel is definitely my favourite body wash. It’s creamy but lathers up really well with a loofah and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry at all. It’s also reasonably cheap. For scrubs and shaving my favourite is the Soap and Glory Pulp Friction Body Scrub because it smells really good, does a great job at exfoliating ready for shaving and I find it much easier to use a scrub in the shower that is in a tube rather than a messy fiddly pot. Gotta love Soap and Glory, right!

Body Moisturiser – The L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Shimmering Body Milk is the moisturiser I used throughout the summer and although for the rest of the year I didn’t really reach for it, mainly because of the small amount of ”shimmer”, I still love the scent and its not a greasy formula at all. Other than this product i’m pretty lazy when it comes to body moisturising, but this year i’ll probably get more into it. Any suggestions for a nice smelling, non greasy body lotion?

Perfume – My favourite perfume of 2013 is hands down the Estee Lauder Sensuous, it is a floral happy scent that makes me think of summer and I use it pretty much everyday along with the body spray by Soap and Glory (I keep a mini version in my handbag) which of course smells awesome and as you can tell I’ve got a thing about products smelling good!

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