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Today I’d like to share with you some of my jewellery. These pieces consist mainly of gemstones but I also added in a few images of my favourite watch just for the hell of it. All of them were received as gifts (birthdays, christmases) over the years.

When it comes to jewellery like this they are all unique, usually handcrafted and set in silver. Mine as I mentioned were gifts but I had either chosen them myself or seen them whilst shopping and professed my interest! They were all found at local jewellery market stalls or crystal shops in and around Bristol.

Sometimes you may end up looking around quite a bit to find one that you like and one that suits you, it’s very individual (especially when you are fussy, as we women are!). The price can range hugely depending on the size, quality, rarity and often the popularity of the stone itself. You will probably also notice that each seller has a different average price range and some can be overly steep. It’s probably best to have a specific amount you want to spend or style in mind otherwise you can end up falling for a product completely out of your price range which can be quite disappointing (speaking from experience) when you go back to buy it another time and it is gone, never to be seen again. (hello, drama queen here haha)

So anyway onto the pretties below is my newest pendant, the stone I believe is a Blue Moonstone. I love the style with the metal slightly wrapping over the stone which is cut into an elongated diamond type shape. With all my pendants I usually use a 16 or 18 inch box chain so that they sit just in the right place, i.e not too close to the cleavage area. I was eyeing up this pendant for quite a while when my Mum surprised me with it, and I love it so much that I’m kind of scared to wear it just in case I somehow damage it (highly unlikely, but I guess I have a little jewellery paranoia going on here, as you do)


The pendant below is Obsidian and White Moonstone. My sister got me this pendant a couple of years ago for christmas. I love it because the stones are subtle yet dramatic (if that makes any sense) and they go with literally every thing I wear.

These pendants are made from glass and the blue one is an especially beautiful shade of blue. Everyone loves heart shaped jewellery, so enough said!20131109-015850.jpg

I have a thing for rings and would happily own every crystal ring I see but here are the ones I have so far. Please do pardon my awful nails, I’m trying to give them a break from polish at the moment. The top ring is Turquoise and the one below it is Labradorite. The labradorite is a particularly interesting one because the light partially shines through it and reflects the range of colours through beautifully (a mix of greens and blues sometimes with a touch of black). If you were to buy this stone in a pendant setting it would look lovely on the neck.


The two stone rings below are Amber. I have a thing for orange at the moment, it’s been going on for a while and I now have a few orange tops and makeup products that aren’t really season appropriate; but when it comes to jewellery I tend not to over think it and just put on what I’m in the mood for and these two are worn often. The second one down (round cut) is one that I bought myself recently and I love it because the setting is quite different to the many rings I have seen, it kind of looks vintage.


This is the Georgia Fossil watch. I own two fossil watches (photo’s to be added in the next post), the other has a more chunky strap and is therefore great for everyday wear. I love the strap on this watch because it’s quite thin and more elegant for a smart, sophisticated look.

They also designed it really well because the links in the strap can be added and removed easily without having to go to the jewellery store. There a numerous clasp mechanisms on the back as you can see in the image below and each one of them is also how you join the strap onto your wrist. I hope that makes some sense, it’s kind of hard to explain in writing.
I received this last Christmas but I believe they still have this style in store and in other metal options too!


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