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So I went into Boots the other week and they had an offer on this perfume (50ml – £32 down to £16 for that day only and for that price I had to pounce on it). I’ve liked this perfume ever since it came out last summer but since I already had my perfume of choice at the time Gucci Premiere (yet to repurchase but I do love it) I figured it to be an unnecessary item. I’m also not usually one for celebrity created perfumes since they are usually pretty sweet and the packaging can sometimes be a bit on the naff side but I made an exception for this one as the packaging and black fluid really intrigued me. (Yep I’m the type to purchase things just for the packaging)

The perfume I’ve been using more recently as mentioned in my Summer Favourites post a while back is Estée Lauder Sensous, but recently it’s been feeling a bit too summery to wear at this time of year. However the Lady Gaga perfume is less so, some people say it’s super sweet but on me it doesn’t appear too sweet at all. I’m awful at describing scents so I suggest passing by the perfume counter and having a sniff yourself. I think the best way to tell if you like a perfume is to spray it directly onto your skin and come back to buy it if you are sure you like it on you.
I also love the packaging, it’s quite gothic in a way with the black liquid surrounded by a large gold ornamental bottle top but I think it looks great on my makeup table and I haven’t seen anything similar to it.

My next perfume of choice is going to be Georgio Armani Si. I sprayed some of it the other day onto one of those paper strips and loved it. I noticed it also stayed on that strip for days so I figure it should last quite well on the skin. I’m looking forward to that purchase, albeit quite an expensive one (£62.50 in the 50ml, because what’s the point in a 30ml?), but in the mean time I will be enjoying Lady Gaga’s, Fame very much.

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