Mac|Duo Eye Shadow Palette




For a while having a few separate brand eye shadow palettes has been bothering me. I wanted to be able to have a more interesting look without having every palette out on the table which I find a tad stressful (little OCD :/) Anyho I decided to buy this Duo Mac eye shadow palette which is double so that I can depot the eye shadows I currently have into one side and build a small collection of Mac eye shadows on the other, possibly with one of those insert they do on one side. This I thought would give me more room than the other palettes out there (Z Palette, Uni Palette) for less of a cost. This palette was £18 from the UK MAC website.

Sadly a few of the shadows got damaged whilst depotting which is super annoying, but it was the first time I’d depotted anything (that’s my excuse lol) I initially placed the pans in with little magnets on the back of each one but it turned out the magnets weren’t strong enough and kept moving around so I ended super glueing them in. Not that glamorous I know but I wanted them all secure in there. I also figured when shadows run out I can either replace some or remove the pans when I need to.

The palettes I have in here include the Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette (bottom row), the Too Faced Natural Kit (just above naked), the Soap Glory Lid Stuff palette a couple of MUA individual shadows (number 11 and 12) and two MAC eye shadows (Soft Brown and Antiqued). The MAC shadows are magnetic pans anyway so they just sit in there happily and I can move them about if need be. This idea is working out really well for me so far it means I can select a more varied eye shadow look without making the table a mess with various palettes being open plus my makeup bag is now less stuffed!

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