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So, today I am going to give you a quick run down of the products I’ve been using skin care wise recently. I should warn you that it’s quite Origins focused at the moment, I just love Origins, I can’t help it! I’ve used cheaper drugstore products too but this is what I’m using at the moment because they are all working with my skin and you know the saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.


I use the NO7 Hot Cloth Cleanser every morning whilst in the shower. I rub it into my skin whilst it’s still dry and then use a wet cloth/flannel to remove it after a few minutes. It gets my skin feeling super clean but not at all tight and uncomfortable. I find that I also need a little less moisturiser after using this. Every evening I use the Loreal Purifying Miccelar Solution to remove my face makeup and then use one of my eye make-up removers separately. It removes everything in one swipe and is super cheap at only £3.33 (Boots sale price) so bargain! On other days when my skin is having a little break out I’ve been using the MOA The Green Balm as a cleanser. I use it in the same way as the NO 7 cleanser just not in the shower, but sometimes if I’m feeling lazy I just rub this in and then remove it with some of the miccelar water on a cotton pad. It leaves a bit of an oily feel to the skin because of the ingredients which consist mainly of oils (Coconut, Tea tree and Almond) and because of the essential oils it smells really good too.

Recently I have been predominately using a waterproof mascara so the Bourjois Express Eye Makeup Remover a Bi-phase remover that you have to shake before every use, is perfect for me right now and is also a cheap option. When I have worn a non-waterproof mascara, which is rare these days, I use the Garnier Gentle Eye Make-up Remover which is great because it doesn’t sting my eyes at all.

When I get one those nasty spots that doesn’t usually budge for ages, I use a little tea tree oil (any will do, but I guess organic is preferable) on a cotton swab and place that on the spot. It basically dries the spot out so it goes down instead of it getting angrier and causing scarring. Beware not to put this anywhere near your eyes though because it is super strong and will sting like mad!


Firstly the Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser smells gorgeous,  just like oranges so it’s the perfect morning ‘wake up’ moisturiser. I have been using a small amount (the jar will last me for ages!) on top of the Caudalie SOS Thirst Quenching Serum. The serum is great at balancing out the redness I get around my nose and also the random dry parts around my nose and jawline.

I have been using two eye creams recently as shown above, they do the job but I am looking to buy the Origins GinZing Eye Cream. I had a sample of it with an order a while ago and it smells like the other GinZing products. It has highlighting particles in it so it really helps me look less tired and more awake. The only thing that’s put’s me off buying it is the price (£23 for a small jar).

As my night time moisturiser, but only when I really need it, I use the Origins High Potency Night a Mins. If I were to use this every night it would be a tad over the top as it’s super hydrating. Weekly..ish I use the Origins Drink Up Mask to give my skin an extra moisture boost. You smooth it onto your skin, leave it for ten minutes then tissue or rinse off. I tend to use a cotton pad just to remove the excess so the rest of it is left to moisturise my skin.underblog claudia text 12



    • Yeh it’s a great cream and definitely worth the hassle and the price tag! You do have lots of lovely french brands that are harder for us to get though, jealous 🙂


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