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So I think everyone will agree that doing your nails is a chore if you don’t have the right products to actually make it last, sometimes you can spend ages getting them perfect and then you do a bit of washing up and they are chipped to bits. Well over time I have been building up the perfect kit and routine for getting great nails at home. Here it is….

The first thing to do when getting ready for your manicure is to remove old nail polish, all of it. To do this I use a thick large cotton pad like these soaked in OPI Nail Polish remover, as long as you hold it on the nail for a few seconds before wiping this stuff removes it all. (But I should point out that I don’t use glitter polishes so not too sure on that one) After a quick wash of the hands I get down to trimming and filing. For this I use a nail clipper and a nail file from boots, nothing too fancy or expensive, making sure to file in one direction (not talking about the band!) so not to damage the nail. Next is getting rid of those dreaded cuticles, For this I use the Mavala Cuticle Remover. I leave it to sit for about 4 minutes and then using these cheap Cuticle Pushers from E.L.F to push my cuticles down and get rid of any excess. Then I thoroughly scrub my nails using a Nail Brush from the Body Shop but any will do the trick.

Next is obviously the painting itself. With most brands you will have to do at least two coats of polish and then a top coat. The brands I generally reach for nail polish wise are – Maybelline Superstay, Barry M and Max Factor and although I do have a couple of Essie polishes I don’t really think they’re worth the extra pounds. The top coat I use is Seche Vite as it makes them super shiny, makes most nail polishes last an awful lot longer and the bottle for me is lasting a long time. Definitely worth the £10 price tag so if you are umming and ahhing over it just buy and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

When it’s all dry, sometimes with a little help from a Nail Polish Dry Fast Spray (from boots), I use some hand moisturiser and cuticle oil to stop any dryness round the edges of my nails. The moisturiser I have to hand recently is this Cherry Blossom Hand Cream by L’Occitane which smells floral and soaks in quickly and the cuticle oil I use is the Almond nail and Cuticle oil from The Body Shop.

And voila, the perfect at home manicure to do whilst watching TV!underblog claudia text 12


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