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There once was a day when I could wear next to no make-up and not have to worry about my skin looking awful, however in the past year or so my skin has freaked out. Now when I say freaked out I don’t particularly mean full blown acne, more like lots of small gatherings of whiteheads (sorry for the grossness) particularly on my chin and jaw line with the odd painful boil type spot. Although it doesn’t seem much, I guess it’s kind of like the normal hormonal break outs but every day instead of one week a month, it still really bothers me. I have been wearing much more makeup just to cover it all up which was obviously not helping my situation and it was really getting me down.

Anyway getting to the point I found a link for the website through a blog mentioning that it has a good skincare selection in stock. So to Escentual I went and I found there was a sale on the french brand La Roche-Posay and a decent percentage off too! I looked at reviews and decided the Effaclar range would be perfect for my skin type (oily/sensitive skin)

Now from the reviews I had gathered that the products had some mixed results, some say they are too drying, some say they did nothing at all but I figured whats the harm in trying. Although I didn’t get my hopes up too much I remained positive.

I figured I might as well go the whole hog so to speak and order numerous products from the range starting from make-up remover to spot treatment, it was on sale after all and i’d never really splashed out on skincare before.

Another reason I wanted these products specifically the Micellar Water and the Exfoliant Lotion was to try to avoid washing my face with household tap water. I’ve read numerous things recently which talk about the impurities that are in our tap water these days and how they are harmful for your skin. Firstly there is of course numerous chemicals in the water supply including chlorine and pesticides. There is also other traces of many different substances that we may not even know the name of so why would we put all that on our delicate easily irritated skin? Read more of this article in the Daily Mail Online –

During the first few days of using the prodcuts (all listed below) I had a small breakout which is kind of expected when trying out new skincare but surprisingly within a few days it all started to clear up.

Move on two weeks and the redness from the scaring has reduced dramatically and any breakouts are now much less intrusive. The targeted breakout corrector or spot treatment has been working well to reduce the size and generally calm down any spots in a flash. The Effaclar Duo which I have been using as a base before my usual moisturiser, stops the lower half of my face and also the t zone from being quite so oily which means my makeup lasts longer and looks less shiny! I do however use my normal moisturiser on top of it which currently is the Olay essentials complete care multi-radiance lotion (with spf 15)

Rounding up I have been pleasantly surprised by these products, so far they are definately improving my skin. For the past week I have just been wearing a BB/CC cream as a base and limiting my use of concealer to give my skin some time to heal up a bit. I think that I will order the Effaclar H – Compensating Soothing Moisturiser from the range and see if that helps too, maybe I’ll even give their their BB Cream a go.

Products mentioned –

Effaclar Purifying Micellar Water for oily/sensitive skin

Effaclar Astringent Lotion Micro-Exfoliation

Effaclar Duo Anti-imperfection Care

Effaclar A.I. Targeted Breakout Corrector (All paraben free)

Have any of you tried these products or any of the other La Roche-Posay ranges for that matter? If so let me know what you think below i’d love to hear your opinions.underblog claudia text 12



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